Friday, August 5, 2011

UK: Mosque teacher hit pupils

GUILTY ... Ibrahim Yusuf
UK - A mosque teacher assaulted four pupils, including one with learning difficulties, with a two-foot long pipe because they were misbehaving in class. A court heard the Accrington mosque had a written policy which urged staff to make sure the welfare of children was paramount and calling for them to be protected from abuse. Married father-of-eight Ibrahim Yusuf, 52, of Preston New Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to four charges of assault. He was bailed for the preparation of a pre-sentence report. Philippa White, prosecuting, said part of the incident at the Grimshaw Street mosque had been captured on CCTV, which showed Yusuf striking two of the boys, aged 11. She said the boys’ teacher left them alone and there was some ‘minor misbehaviour.’ The defendant was teaching in another part of the mosque and saw and heard what was going on,” said Mrs White. “He came over carrying a thin, flexible pole. As he walked among the children he hit four of them with the stick.” She said one was hit on the arm and another on the lower back. One boy was clearly upset when his mum collected him at 7pm and he had a red mark on his back. When he was interviewed by police Yusuf said he had gone over to control the children and accepted he had a piece of plastic overflow pipe in his hand which he used as a “teaching aid”. Full Story>>

UK: Mosque teacher hit pupils


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