Saturday, August 6, 2011

Genocidal Islamists Raking In $100m Per Year in Somalia Extortion Rackets

Feel the peace of Islam: a child dying of malnutrition is lucky enough to receive all-too-scarce treatment in a Mogadishu hospital
Somalia - Yet even though children are dying of malnutrition exacerbated by the depravity of Muslim gangsters al-Shabaab, no oil wells = no intervention from the world political √©lite. No Jews to demonise – so little or no hand-wringing from liberal lefties, either: “Al-Shabaab is evolving from an armed faction into a lucrative consortium of business interests, both within Somalia and abroad, whose members benefit from cartel-style trading practices, tax breaks and mutual facilitation. Moreover, there are indications that Al-Shabaab trading networks may also be used to camouflage charitable contributions from sympathizers in the Gulf States,” UN Report. The once ragtag Somalia-based al Qaeda affiliate group known as Al-Shabaab has grown into an economic powerhouse, raising tens of millions of dollars in cash every year from a variety of schemes involving extortion, illegal taxation and other “fees,” according to a United Nations report. The United States believes the group is closely coordinating with al Qaeda groups in Yemen and may be plotting attacks in the region and abroad. The terrorist group now “generates between $70 million and $100 million per year, from duties and fees levied at airports and seaports, taxes on goods and services, taxes in kind on domestic produce, ‘jihad contributions,’ checkpoints and various forms of extortion justified in terms of religious obligation,” according to the July 18 report from the U.N. Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea. Full Story>>

Genocidal Islamists Raking In $100m Per Year in Somalia Extortion Rackets


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